Our radiation patients can experience dry, red, painful, irritated skin during their course of treatment. The skin may become very dry, peel, and crack with the risk of infection. After applying Radiation Rescue products, our patients experience immediate relief. Radiation Rescue soothes and restores irritated skin. Radiation Rescue helps to relieve painful skin with natural, non-greasy ingredients…We prefer our patients begin using Radiation Rescue on Day 1 of their radiation therapy to help delay and reduce painful skin and help to minimize skin breakdown and infection.-Vicki R, Registered Nurse
I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with your Radiation Rescue product. I used Radiation Rescue from July 5th to August 14 during radiation therapy for a brain tumor. I had NO skin degradation during this time. It instantly removed all the heat and pain associated with this type of therapy. More importantly it allowed me to continue treatments because my skin remained healthy. Thanks to my company we were able to donate two cases of Radiation Rescue to the hospital to give to patients instead of the “other” product. -Brian A - 55 yr Old Male - Brain Cancer
I underwent 28 radiation treatments for breast cancer… Through the course of the treatment, my skin got only slightly red and I had hardly any pain. The radiation technicians commented on how great my skin looked, especially compared to other patients they see. My surgeon asked me what I had used on my skin. She was very impressed with how the treated area looked. Thanks to Radiation Rescue, my radiation experience was relatively easy!-Janet B. 51 yr Old Female Breast Cancer
My oncologist prescribed 5 weeks of radiation therapy. He talked about the side effects of radiation, including burns, blistering and irritation at the radiation site. I started using Radiation Rescue the third day into my treatment. Radiation Rescue instantly soothed the redness and the sensation of a sunburn. My skin looks really good, no pain, no redness – you can’t tell the difference from where the radiation has been targeted and the surrounding skin. I was grateful to have one less thing to think about during radiation.-Susan L. 41 yr Old Female Lung Cancer
I just want to reiterate how Radiation Rescue saved me from delaying my radiation. I am in active treatment for breast cancer. At the end of my first week I had already started experiencing dermatitis and burning. I was using the gel provided, “Natural Care Gel”. It wasn’t working. My husband found pure aloe, it didn’t work. My family gave me aloe plants, they didn’t work. I tried Castor oil and it didn’t work. My doctor prescribed Triamicinolone Acetonide cream, not only did it not work I got worse. I am allergic or sensitive to many meds and creams and was very concerned that I would have to take a break from radiation to heal. I am not sure why, but you sent a couple of tubes to my radiation oncologist for a patient. It was my lucky day. I was the recipient of your amazing product. They weren’t sure it would work, but I was open to trying anything! My nurse had seen me the day before when we discussed maybe taking a break from treatment. The next day my nurse stopped by to see how I was doing before my treatment. When see saw the difference she was amazed. The redness was gone and my dermatitis had dramatically improved. So I went ahead with my treatment. I have been using your product faithfully for twelve days. I come home with pink skin and by morning it has faded. I only have four more full treatments with an additional five radiation boosts to my surgical bed where my tumor was removed. I would not have been able to continue with my planned treatments if it weren’t for your product. You may not realize it, but any delay can reduce the effectiveness of these treatments. Radiation Rescue kept me from any delay which gave me the best possible outcome for my treatment. I want to thank you for your commitment to provide this miracle product to those of us that have to endure these treatments!-Dena K. 54 yr Old Female Breast Cancer
“I applied the Radiation Rescue and in about 30 seconds I could feel it cooling my hot skin and was amazed that I finally had something to help me cool it down. I have been on fire and hurting and burning for weeks from my radiation therapy treatments. My cancer staff told me to first try aloe vera, but I didn’t feel that it cooled for more than just a few seconds. So then they suggested Aquaphor and it didn’t help at all, but rather felt greasy and like it was suffocating my skin so I went back to aloe vera, but again it wasn’t cooling my hot and red skin. I am so glad to finally have something that actually cools my skin and I like the smell too!” - Jean M. 60 yr Old Female Tongue Cancer
On my first visit with my Radiology Oncologist, I was told to expect burned, red, irritated skin. When I asked them what I should use to help my skin, I was given the names of several over-the-counter products. I was extremely surprised that they didn’t have any one product to recommend. So, I did some research online and discovered Radiation Rescue. Unfortunately, that was 2 weeks into my 7 weeks off radiation. So, I called Bauer Medical right away and inquired about Radiation Rescue. Within a week, I received my Radiation Rescue. At that point, my skin was burned, red, painful, swollen, itchy, irritated, and getting worse by the day. So, I started applying the Radiation Rescue 3 times a day and immediately felt a cooling sensation. Day after day, I watched my skin improve. The staff at my Cancer Center noticed and asked me what I was using. To say they were impressed is an understatement. I never had any blistering, oozing or peeling. I had minimal pain and the redness and irritation got better the more I used this product. I have 2 good friends that were starting radiation a few weeks after me, so I immediately told them about Radiation Rescue and they, too, are singing the praises of this invaluable product. I wish I would have learned about Radiation Rescue sooner but am grateful I discovered it when I did. I am so happy that I had this product to help me get through this grueling time. I hope others will find this product as helpful as I did. Thank you so much! - Laurie H. 56 yr Old Female Breast Cancer